Will Heat Wreck My Belondings?

This is perhaps one of the most common questions we get. And you’re justified in your concerns, of course. You’ve probably spent a pretty penny on your belongings and you want to ensure that they’ll survive the treatment. Don’t worry, heat doesn’t wreck things, inexperience does.

The first thing most people do when they’ve got a question is go to Google. Google “heat and furniture,” and you’ll get all kinds of advice – some applicable, some not. Yes, heat can ruin furniture, but over very long periods of time. Furniture builders suggest that you don’t place that expensive, antique oak table next to the heat vent, because over time it will warp. Our treatments take so little time that there’s no risk of damage to your belongings.

How does it work?

Our exterminators are professionals; they are in and out of your home in the same day. Your home’s internal temperature is raised to the optimum pest-killing level of 140°-160° F (50°-60° C). It remains at that temperature anywhere from 3-6 hours, depending on the infestation. The time it takes to exterminate all those nasty little bedbugs is not enough to do any damage, except to the bedbugs, of course. They’ll be gone from your home for good. In fact, it is highly recommended that you leave your furniture and belongings in the house. Since bedbugs can hide in anything, not just beds, removing your belongings could be counterproductive. Untreated items could bring the bedbugs back!

Can everything stay?

No, some items do need to be removed from your home. Our exterminators are seasoned pros. They know what should stay and what needs to go. In fact, they’ll provide you with a handy checklist of items to clear out beforehand. Items include live plants, pets and combustibles, such as aerosol cans. You’ll also want to remove candles and any medication, but they can be stored safely in the fridge during treatment.

What about my electronic devices?

Your electronic devices are perfectly safe left indoors. If you are concerned, simply unplug the device and turn it off. Some items can be taken with you, such as laptops and cell phones. Again, the temperature is raised and held at approximately 140° F just long enough to get rid of those nasty bugs, but not long enough to damage your goods.