Moving On With Bed Bugs

Moving on? Your bed bug friends might tag along.

Moving to get rid bed bugs

To some, the idea of living with bed bugs is unbearable, so they pack up and ship out, leaving the bed bugs behind. Or, do they? Sadly, just because you decide to leave them behind, doesn’t mean they actually stay. In fact, since bed bugs set up home deep within your furniture, like it or not, they’re along for the ride.

It’s always upsetting to hear stories of extreme frustration, especially when they lead to unnecessary moves. With a heat treatment, you get same day service, you can leave your furniture in the house, and most importantly, you don’t have to move.

Moving with bed bugs

If you’ve made the decision to move anyway, take precautions. First of all, bed bugs will have taken up home in your furniture. You’ll need to have your furniture treated, or you’ll need to get rid of it. The latter is obviously the more costly decision of the two.

You’re bedding, linen, and clothing will all need to be treated. You can wash those in hot water and put them in the dryer on a medium-high temperature. Doing this at a laundromat, rather than from home, will prevent further infestation. If you need to bring laundered items back into an infested home, make sure to seal them tightly in plastic bags. Do not open the bags until you are safely in your new home.

Before moving

Before moving into your new home, get our bed bug detector dogs to come out and have a sniff. There’s truly nothing worse than moving from one infestation to another, and even if you’ve never had a bed bug infestation before it doesn’t mean that your new home will be clear. Unfortunately, you have no way of knowing what went on in the house before, and it’s unlikely that a seller will tell you. For this reason, it’s a really good idea to have your new home investigated before you move in. Better yet, if you suspect an infestation, make its removal a condition of your offer.


A bed bug infestation is no joke. In fact, it’s downright frustrating. Like we said last week, it’s always a good idea to react to an infestation immediately – it’s not a good idea, however, to react without knowing the facts. Without the proper precautions, bed bugs can move with you. Likewise, a pre-existing infestation doesn’t simply pick up and move with the previous owner’s of your new home. You can, unfortunately, move into an already infested home. Take precautions – have one of our detector dogs check the situation out first. You’ll be glad that you did.