FAQ #4

Q: How long do termite treatments last?

A: Most products used today can last for a few years and some don’t, it depends on the company and what they are using.

Q: So, if the termite products you use last for a few years then why should I pay for a termite warranty each year?

A: Although the products available to us for treating termites are usually successful in ridding your home of termites. It is important to understand that in real world applications the products may not last a few years. Clogged gutters, poor slope around the home, mulch being added every year, soil next to the home being removed, etc…These are all real world scenarios that affect termite treatments. So, keeping the warranty is important because, we can discover new potential threats and problems before they get out of hand.

Q: Do you handle wildlife humanely?

A: Yes! In most cases the animals can be chased from the home and the repair work can then be done to prevent re-entry. If traps are needed to remove an animal from the home we will explain the procedure to you during the service.

Q: Once the animals are removed what type of repairs should I expect?

A: We offer professional carpentry repair services. We use heavy gauge flashing or repair the damage to the home (i.e. wood trim repair, siding repair, roof repair, insulation replacement, etc…) We offer whole house exclusions as well as spot exclusions. All of our work comes with an unmatched guarantee.

Q: How do I know if I have mice?

A: You can tell if you have mice if you see small black droppings about the size of rice in different areas of your home.

Q: How do you get rid of the mice/rats?

A: The two most commonly used methods are; rodent poisons or rodent kill traps.