Bed Bug Academy

Alex Branch’s opening sentence in Pest exterminators get lessons on battling bedbugs, published on July 29th in the Star-Telegram, couldn’t have said it better: “You know you’re becoming a problem when people get together and … Continue reading Bed Bug Academy

Bed Bug Control

Fairfax Bed Bugs Serving Northern Virginia Say farewell to Fairfax bed bugs for good, with a simple call us. If you’ve been suffering with the signs and symptoms of Fairfax bed bugs, but aren’t sure … Continue reading Bed Bug Control

FAQ #1

Q: Is the products you use in and around my home safe? A: All professional pest control products have been registered for use by the EPA. When they are applied according to label instructions by … Continue reading FAQ #1

FAQ #2

Q: How do I know if I have rats? A: The presence of rats can be detected by large droppings or evidence of fresh gnawing. Tracks can be seen in mud and on dusty surfaces. … Continue reading FAQ #2

FAQ #3

Q: Do I have to leave my house if the interior needs to be treated? A: Usually not. However, during certain types of services such as fogging and flea and tick treatments, it’s better if … Continue reading FAQ #3

FAQ #4

Q: How long do termite treatments last? A: Most products used today can last for a few years and some don’t, it depends on the company and what they are using. Q: So, if the … Continue reading FAQ #4

Pest Control

Fairfax Pest Control Serving Northern Virginia When you need pest control, remember that our professional, knowledgeable team of exterminator experts can help you with any pest problem you have. While we specialize in termite inspection, … Continue reading Pest Control