4 Steps to Preventing Bed Bugs

Check for bed bugs after traveling

Hotels and motels frequently have infestations. Before going on a trip, visit the Bed Bug Registry to check for potential infestations. For tips on how to avoid bugs during travel, read more here: (insert direct link to Hotel post).

Check hotel for evidence of bed bugs. You can do this by:

  • Pulling back the mattress and looking for bugs along the seams
  • Checking for blood spots on the mattress
  • Looking at the edges of box springs and in the seams of bedding
  • Inspecting the headboard
  • Examining the furniture – especially crevices and seams

Leaving your luggage in the bathroom or in the luggage cart during inspection – don’t put your luggage on the bed!

Check clothing for stowaway bed bugs

Bed bugs are sneaky little things. They’ll get into your clothes and ride home with you. To avoid this, you can do the following:

Separate your clothes into plastic bags. Seal them tightly until you can get them to a laundry facility. Wash and dry on high.

If you haven’t wrapped them in plastic, remove clothing over a hardwood or linoleum floor. This way you can see the bed bugs and they can’t disappear into the carpet. Bed bugs do not travel on people the way lice do. Simply shake your clothing and they will fall out.

Inspect your luggage

Make sure to check your luggage. Very likely, if you have bed bugs in your clothes, then they’re in your luggage too.

Vacuum items thoroughly – make sure to empty the vacuum afterwards.

Scrub seams and folds with a scrub brush to remove bugs and eggs.

Take extra care when bringing used clothing & furniture home

If you buy secondhand clothing, wash and dry it immediately on high. If you are really concerned about bugs, don’t even wash them in your home – take them to a professional cleaner. Furniture is especially vulnerable to bed bug infestations – particularly those pieces made with cloth and wood. Bed bugs prefer wood and fabric to plastic and metal.

Check the crevices and cracks on used furniture.

Don’t buy used mattresses – if you do, inspect it with extreme caution.

Wash and dry all items at the highest temperature possible before using.